On our way back from a weekend in Garner State Park, we were looking for some grub and I was told Alamo Springs General Store & Cafe has some of the best burgers in Texas.  But when I saw the special of the day was chicken fried steak, I knew it was kismet.

Located well on a backroad itself, Alamo Springs is definitely a place you’re not likely to stumble upon unless you know to go.  The address will tell you it’s in Fredericksburg, but you’ll have to go more than 13 miles outside of town to find it.

Now, I can’t speak for the burgers, but the chicken fried steak was tasty and they even had chicken fried onion rings; something we’d never seen before. But as great as the food was, I’d have to say one of my favorite parts about this place is the beer coolers and soda fridge operate on the honor system.  Meaning that you grab what you want, but they rely on you being honest about what you took, something you’re not likely to find in too many places.

And if great food isn’t enough to get you there, if you time it right, you can have dinner at the restaurant and then head to Old Tunnel State Park and watch the bats swirl out as they begin their evening hunt. Just make sure to show up early if you want the best viewing spot.

As for those burgers, we’ll have to tell you how they taste the next time around.

Alamo Springs Cafe – Fredericksburg, TX