February 14 is upon us once again, and whether you celebrate the holiday solo or in tandem, there’s one thing sure to make the holiday better: chocolate!

Whether you’re picking up something for your sweetie or just getting a little something to satisfy your own sweet tooth, you don’t want just another box of generic chocolates off the shelves of that big box store. After all, you (or they) deserve the best, right?

So if you want the best, we suggest a little trip to the delightfully Victorian town of Calvert, Texas. You may know Calvert as that small town where you got that speeding ticket that one time or for having that one isolated traffic light on Highway 6 you have to stop for what feels like EVERY time, but if you’ve never done more in Calvert than stop at that light, though, you’ve been missing out.

If you’ve always kept your attention forward and never looked right or left, you might have missed one of the best places to pick up chocolates in the Lone Star State, COCOAMODA.

COCOAMODA is housed in a restored 1874 bank building and features a Parisian-style chocolate boutique inside.

The charming British accent of proprietor Ken Wilkinson will invite you into his store as you pour over the display case filled with ganaches, confections, and truffles. If you stay to have a cup of coffee (another specialty of Ken’s), you’ll soon realize the conversation is as rich as the chocolates.

With the craftsmanship of a true artisan, Ken concocts chocolates that have even been requested by the royal family. And while there are many articles and reviews to tout his world-renowned tutelage and decades of experience, why take their word?

Ask the man himself and listen to entertaining stories of Michelin stars and his globetrotting exploits told in his own flamboyant style. Whether you prefer to treat yourself with a potent bourbon truffle masterfully made with award-winning Rumble liquor handcrafted by Texas’s own Balcones Distillery, or a Cassis truffle delicately topped with little bits of gold flake, there is no way to properly prepare your taste buds for the impending epicurean delight.

Insider Tip:

Traditional five or seven-course French dinners are served on Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm. These dinners fill up fast so make sure to reserve your spot ahead of time.

COCOAMODA is located at 518 S. Main St. in Calvert and open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am-6pm, Fridays and Saturdays 10am-9pm, and Sundays 10am-6pm.  Reservations are required for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. If you have any questions, call 979.364.2190 or e-mail info@cocoamoda.com.

For additional information, visit cocoamoda.com