In a land of BBQ and Tex-Mex, we were happy to discover this pizza oasis. Tucked away about halfway in between Luling & Bastrop off of FM 86 on FM 713 you’ll definitely have to take a few of these Texas backroads to get there because this parlor of za is in a ghost town outside of a small, unincorporated community*. But trust us, the pizza is definitely worth it.

As the name implies, Whizzerville Hall is located in, well, the old Whizzerville Hall.  The building is what’s left of a tiny town that hasn’t existed since 1898 when the post office rejected the name on account it was too long.  And while the outside might be a tad unassuming, inside you’ll find a lot of character with a fitting decor complete with  license plates on the floor, beer coasters on the walls and plenty of photos to help tell the tale of this hallowed hall of pizza.

They don’t get fancy here.  Like the location would suggest, they do simple, no-nonsense, down-to-earth pizza with all of your standard toppings and a few more with a Texas flair. Add to that some sandwiches, calzones, starters, sides, beer & live music and you’ll start to see why this place is a #pizza paradise.

We had a couple of Texas beers, the cheezy bread & a large longhorn pizza. It was more than enough to fill us up and have plenty to take back with us.

Good to Know: They’re closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

*Fun Fact:  You can identify unincorporated communities easily.  A tell-tale sign is the sign itself.  Unincorporated areas don’t have population numbers on the road signs going in and out of town.

Whizzerville Hall, McMahan, TX

Special thanks to the couple that shared this tip with us at the Watermelon Thump.